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Our Programmes

A video call with a coach

I am stepping into a leadership position and would benefit from coaching to support me doing so effectively

I am already in a leadership role and want to further develop my style and approach

I’m returning to work or I am changing the direction of my career and would like support in the transition

I want to break through self-limiting beliefs and build confidence in the workplace

Four 1-Hour Sessions at £1000+VAT

Coaching with Context

What Sets Us Apart

At Work&Grow, we are committed to understanding each person’s motivations for seeking a coach, and meeting that need. We start by providing a hands-on coach-to-coachee matching service, based around answering questions related to your goals, values and energy.


We then provide an initial chemistry session with your selected coach to ensure you feel a connection. From there, you will start your coaching program based around one of Work&Grow’s ‘moments that matter’ - the key themes that we see surfacing from our insight into millions of professionals.

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Coaching informed by data and insights from thousands of professionals

Targeted programmes to support key moments that matter in your career - or to help challenge your own self-limiting beliefs


of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them develop


of professionals surveyed want support around self-confidence, direction and work habits


of personal development budgets are not used and expire at the end of the financial year

Already in leadership and looking to further develop your style and approach? Speak to a qualified coach today.

Our targeted coaching will help you returning to work or change the direction of your career.

Let us help you break through self-limiting beliefs and build confidence in the workplace

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