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Elevate your team with industry-experienced, professional coaching

Simplifying the search for top end, accredited professional coaches in the finance and professional service sectors - Work & Grow helps you scale your coaching programmes.

Work & Grow is delivered in partnership with the FT

“Future-Proof Your Workforce… With Adaptive Talent Management“

“Effective leadership will be defined by the ability to navigate change”

Intelligently matched coaches

Intelligently matched coaching increases employee engagement and empowers talent mobility, with a higher likelihood of uptake by time challenged professionals.

Scale Future-Ready Teams

Our handpicked but extensive roster of business coaches means we can deliver coaching and build resilience throughout your organisation.

Deepening the coaching impact

Personalised developmental content from the FT and scheduled coaching reminders to deepen impact between coaching sessions.

Higher employee engagement
Higher employee engagement
Increased talent mobility
Increased talent mobility
Resilience in change
Resilience in change
Adaptability to drive change
Adaptability to drive change
Self-belief and empowerment
Self-belief and empowerment
Less presenteeism
Less presenteeism
Increased productivity
Increased productivity
Confidence to lead in uncertainty
Confidence to lead in uncertainty
Empathy and team connection
Empathy and team connection
Back to work confidence
Back to work confidence
Back to work confidence
Individual career breakthroughs
Back to work confidence
Psychological safety to experiment

Supporting employees at key moments

A faculty of specialist coaches with relevant and vetted professional backgrounds - to match coaching to transitional moments at scale.


average cost to a business in failing to develop staff


Only 10% employees considered engaged in the UK


cost to UK economy in talent development gap


of personal coaching budgets are unused

A sample of our accredited coaches

Our coaches are experienced industry professionals who have typically been in the roles of the people they are coaching, as well as being fully accredited professional coaches with organisations such as the AoEC. Finally they are matched to the coachee across a range of attributes to bring the best out of the coaching experience.

Ready to help your business work and grow

Unlock the genius in your team, build confidence, develop your future leaders and grow resilience and adaptability throughout your business.


Discover Work & Grow for your business

Use our tech to power your own people coaching

Work & Grow provides an Adaptive Coaching Platform which empowers People Leaders to deliver professional coaching at scale to their business. You can plug in your own coaches to the platform, supplement that selection with Work & Grow's vetted coaching roster and support your employee's professional development through tailored FT content.

How to get started

Discovery call


Our first step is to identify your coaching requirements as a business on a discovery call.

Coaching plan


We will develop an initial coaching plan for your business to build familiarisation on both sides.

Book sessions


You will be onboarded in platform to match coaches for your team, arrange chemistry sessions and to schedule initial coaching.


  • All of our coaches are accredited professionals who have worked within the financial sector and have been vetted by our Learning and Development Leader, Carrie White. They understand the challenges your people are facing and can help them navigate through change.

  • Our pricing is based on the amount of people you wish to put through our programme. We have a ‘Pilot package’ that allows 10 of your team to have 4x one-to-one sessions. We provide a volume model to cater for a range of organisational sizes. Schedule a call here and we will create tailored package to meet your people development requirements.

  • After we complete a discovery call with you and create the pilot, each of your coachees can setup a chemistry session with up to three coaches who have been selected as a potential match.

  • Great news! You can schedule a discovery call here. On this call we will ask a few questions to understand your organisation, and your goals and challenges, and provide you with a relevant coaching package.

Coach matching algorithm

Load in your own internal coaches

Access to our accredited coaches

Manage coaching journey end-to end

Scheduled coaching reminders

Personalised educational content from
the FT

Finance Sector | Leadership Coach

Managing Director at the Financial Times and runs the FT Forums and Board Director programmes. He has held numerous senior leadership roles in the media industry and was formerly CEO of Dods Group PLC.

Finance & Tech | Leadership Coach

VP Portfolio & Programmes at The Financial Times and is a Big Four trained ACA and highly experienced Finance Director with comprehensive knowledge of commercial finance.

Chin Ru
Technology Sector | Leadership Coach

Former Global Innovation Director, Global Brand Director and Digital transformation lead with 25 years marketing, strategy & leadership experience.

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