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Leadership Coaching

Whether you're looking to improve your communication skills, enhance your strategic thinking, or cultivate a more effective leadership style, our qualified coaches are here to help.
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97% of the global funding for leadership coaching is invested in less than 1% of employees. That needs to change.

Make your Learning & Development budget work for you.

Four 1-Hour Sessions at £1000+VAT

Tailored Leadership Coaching

Personalised coaching tailored to individual growth areas and coaching style.

Qualified Coaches

Work&Grow connects you with a handpicked team of industry-leading coaches, each with extensive experience and proven success in their respective fields.

Flexible Virtual Coaching 

Virtual options delivered through 4, 1 hour sessions provide you with flexibility and freedom to fit coaching into your busy schedule.

4 1-Hour Sessions for £1000+VAT

Our package provides ambitious professionals exceptional value through expert coaching, personalized attention, and exclusive content at an accessible price. Explore employer funding options for your growth journey.

Take your leadership to the next level

Empower your new team and master leadership with Work&Grow's coaching

Qualified Coaches with context in your industry

A diverse, engaged panel of coaches, with the relevant context for your industry, and the skills to help you flourish at work.

Affordable with employer-sponsorship options

At just £1000+VAT for 4, 1-hour sessions, Work&Grow provides high-quality coaching for a range of professionals and businesses. 

You'll receive an annual subscription to the Work&Grow alumni newsletter, which features related articles from the Financial Times as well as exclusive practical and actionable articles and insights from our coaches.

Content and articles from the FT

Why Work&Grow?

The world of work is changing

At Work&Grow, we have partnered with the Financial Times - the world’s leading business publication - to provide us with unique insight into how millions of professionals are navigating their career journey. Through content, research and data, we apply context and understanding to the challenges and opportunities of the modern workplace and feed that insight into our coaching practice - empowering employers and employees to succeed.

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